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The First Action Movie BBC Radio 4. The story of the short film above which was made in Sheffield in 1903. It was presented by Penny Woolcock and produced by Frances Byrnes.
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    Rockethouse is a small production company that makes radio and other delights. The company was founded by Matt Thompson and takes its name from the old building on the Scottish coast where he works.

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    Director Matt Thompson worked for many years with the late Nigel Acheson, the company Loftus Media and Studio Maestro David Smith at Wardour Studios.
  • In Production... [+]
    Currently in production with documentaries on grave diggers, Tom Rawling and fishing at night, Hitchcock and Truffaut, and about 5 other programmes.

    British Library
    Enduring War exhibition - sound design. (5.1 surround installation)

    North Berwick
    Coastal Communities Museum - sound design

    Immigrant cabbies in NYC for BBC World Service. Excellent
    reviews. Can be heard here: Yellow Cab Blues

    Two intervals for BBC Radio 3.
    Stalking The Hun and Gramophones on the Front.

    A Profile of Norwegian writer Per Petterson recorded in Oslo for a 45' Radio 3 with presenter David Szalay.

    The First Action Movie with Penny Woolcock and produced by Frances Byrnes. The first ever action movie may well have been made in Sheffield in 1903.

    A short film about a woman's unlikely romantic attachment to a wheelie bin is in pre-production. Shooting in early July.

    Heart and Soul - A Place To Dwell BBC World Service Tx's 28/12/13 with Cathy FitzGerald. A Sikh Doctor in Harlem is attacked and forgives.

    Sound restoration on BBC
    The Lost Tapes of Orson Welles. John Sugar production.

    Nov 2013 Radio Productions Awards Indie of Year and Sound Designer nominations.

    Oct 2013 Third Coast Award (Honourable mention) for
    No Greater Love.

    Oct 2013 Prix Europa, Berlin Documentary 5th prize
    White Stiletto Dreams.

    BBC Radio 4.
    Noise - A Human History - 30 parts - Written and presented by Professor David Hendy.
    Complete series now available via
    (NB AudioGo has closed)
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    Currently designing sound for film documentary about an ice cream seller. Co-directed by Tracey Fearnehough and Holger Mohaupt.

    No Greater Love
    wins prize at Prix Maurilic 2013. Listen here.

    Staying Bright - BBC Radio 3 tx's 21/04/2013 A history of Stainless Steel presented by poet Simon Armitage. Produced by Frances Byrnes
  • Services [+]
    We restore audio and have worked for BBC TV and Radio cleaning up archive. We can transfer from reel to reel and cassette. We can also remove irritating sounds such as ringing mobile phones even when they are under speech, rescue digitally clipped recordings and reduce reverb. Contact us to find out more.